The Samuel Zahina Show

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I was born in a winter hell called Michigan. I was a full time college student at 14. I failed to make it into my dream school, so I left my life behind to live in an oven called Wiley Residence Hall. I consider dropping out a little more every day.

I’m the second child in my family. I have an older brother with severe cerebral palsy. I’ve always had all the responsibilities of the oldest child with all the neglect of a middle. I worked at McDonald’s for a year where I met many other people at the lowest point in their lives.

My life experience has granted me a cynical sense of humor. I like to make observations and ramble about the way of the world. I hope to one day be stand up comedian or walk on the moon. I try to live to the fullest for my brother.

Ethan is also on the program.

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