What's Wiley Radio?

Wiley Radio is a community of music fanatics, DJs, artists, and engineers. We broadcast a variety of independent music and shows, run pop-up concerts across campus, and DJ for parties and Purdue organizations. We're also moving into podcasting, as well as music production from within our broadcasting studio.

We educate our students in audio production and technology, provide a creative outlet for all students involved, and build an awesome community for sharing great music among ourselves, around campus, and worldwide.

Wiley Radio is based out of Wiley Hall, but is open to everyone - join us anytime!


Wiley Radio is one of Purdue's oldest organizations, and began life in 1953 as WRX in Meredith Hall. It was one of the first radio stations on campus (behind only WCCR), and was a founding member of the Purdue Radio Network, a massive campus-wide carrier current radio network formed of eight student stations, all operating out of their individual res halls.

In 1959 WRX moved to Hall H-3, and renamed itself to "KMRX", taking the western K-prefix to stand apart from the other stations, showing an alternative attitude that prevails to this day. When Hall H-3 was finally named Wiley Hall, KMRX made its final name change to WILY Radio, becoming the station known today.

From the 60s to the present, Wiley Radio has been famous for its forward thinking and eclectic programming, showcasing music of genres from metal to reggae, pop to jazz, and classic rock to electronica. WILY has also been known for its raging mobile DJ events, from the "Pops Lab" parties at Pappy's Diner in the early 60s to homecoming dances at the Union.

Wiley Radio has gone through a "reboot" of sorts in the last two years, and is stronger than ever. We've a renewed focus on local music, throwing concerts on campus and producing music for student artists and bands from around the state, and have been modernizing our approach to radio by exploring new ways of listening to, discovering, and promoting new music.


Presently, Wiley Radio broadcasts through the internet, through our website and our station on the TuneIn app. In the past, we broadcast at 90.1 on localized Cable FM, as part of the now defunct Purdue Radio Network.

We are working on long term plans to expand into FM broadcasting in the future. Across the next year, we will also be producing podcasts and streaming video.

Contact Us

For any inquiries, send an email to hello@wileyradio.org.

Wiley Radio is located in the east basement of Wiley Hall, directly across from the Pot and Derby study lounge. Our address is:

Wiley Radio
500 North Martin Jischke Drive
West Lafayette, IN, 47906

Wiley Radio - Class of 2017

DJ and Audio Services

Need music? We provide DJ services and audio gear rental for all kinds of events and local organziations. From a light-show driven dance party to low-key picnics, we can do the job for you - and if you'd like to do it yourself, we can also rent out our equipment for a discounted price.

We offer special rates for charitable organizations and events we'd like to see more of (like on-campus concerts).

Send us an email at booking@wileyradio.org with a descritpion of your event to recieve a quote and book our service.



9/29 - Starry Night Pre-Show w/ Zach Vinson and Shiny Penny - Academy Park (Clapping Circles)

10/6 - College Radio Day - Caleb Kopta and DJ Shrey

10/13 - My Best Friend's Sister (Pop Punk Band) - Live Recording - Hotbox Pizza

10/21 - Purdue Build A Band - First Annual Musician's Meetup

11/3 - Indie Folk Night w/ Claire Arrivo, TJ Rosa and The Bergamot - SC 239

1/27 - Winter Concert - Shiny Penny, THE WLDLFE, and Tower Six - The Anvil

2/3 - Punk in ME - Detour North and If Tomorrow Was Tuesday - ME 1052

3/24 - EDM Showcase - John Kenobi, Schi, Tarcan Gul, and Savage (cancelled: Shy Guy Says) - The Anvil

4/14 - Pandemonium 2018 w/ PEDMC and RHA - Graves, Olly, Kiefer Ian, and Sam Roe - Co-Rec Black and Gold Gyms

4/21 - Record Store Day 2018 w/ SCC - Dream Chief, The Clutter, Stay Outside, and Caleb Kopta - West Lafayette Public Library

4/22 - Lolla-Tau-Looza Charity Show - The Urban and 11 other acts - Alpha Tau Omega

4/27 - If Tomorrow Was Tuesday - Hotbox End-O-Year Concert

Selected Past Events

8/25/17 - Tower Six Live Album Recording - Chauncey Square

8/18/17 - Purdue Ag Carnival - Lilly Hall Lawn

8/16/17 - Crossing The Tracks - Memorial Mall

8/5/17 - Summer Commencement Ceremony with PASE - Armory

5/12/17 - 5/14/17 - Spring Commencement Ceremony with PASE - Armory

5/5/17 - Slayter Send-off Party (with Stud Fox, SHIELDS, Late08 and City Mist) - Slayter Hill

4/15/17 - Alpha Phi Omega Charity Event (with Spacewords, Tower Six and City Mist) - Union North Ballroom

2/10/17 - City Mist and Stud Fox Live - WTHR 210

1/25/17 - URGlobal Dance Party - Wiley East Activity Room

10/14/16 - Rocktober (with Tower Six, Eric Slingo and City Mist) - Shreve Hall Docks


Weekly Show Calendar

Show Archive

Wiley Google Drive

Join Us!

Add your name and email to our mailing list at wileyradio.org/join to keep up with weekly meetings, events, and get plugged in. You can apply to join at any time - not just at the start of the school year.

Becoming a DJ at Wiley Radio is as easy as getting trained on our equipment and procedure, and scheduling a regular timeslot. There are no dues, regardless of whether you live in Wiley or not. Becoming an official Member of Wiley Radio happens after a semester of holding a regular timeslot and helping with events, and earns you perks such as free rental of Wiley Radio gear (DJs living at Wiley are automatically made Members).

What can I do?

Radio Show and Podcasts

Run your own live radio show or podcast with our production studio. Play music, talk events, and produce whatever kind of show you like - it's up to you. You can schedule a time slot for a weekly show or produce podcasts whenever you're available. You'll also have full access to our CD and vinyl library, and multiple premium Spotify accounts.

Live Concerts

Ever wanted to run sound for a concert, work with musicians, or help a great show come to life? Learn how to mix live audio and assemble a sound system with our state of the art gear and microphones (seriously), program lighting on the fly, and record concerts for broadcast and release! And if you're in a band, we'll help you get a gig in no time.

DJ Events

WILY gets to run sound for many events throughout the year - everything from picnics to dance parties, commencement to laser tag - and pick the playlist for all of them. You'll get to DJ live and if you like, learn how to beatmatch along with other DJs.


Use our studio to record your next demo, single or album. We have a brand new mixer, high-end studio monitors, a selection of professional microphones and whatever else you need for a studio experience - the only old thing is the room.


Wiley Radio is an open club. If you're interested in helping plan events, guide broadcasting, and maybe even run the station someday, there's opportunities for you from day one to join us as an assistant manager to our officer positions, in all departments. New elections happen semesterly - any interested student can quickly join the leadership team.

Swag and Pizza

Beyond the fun of concerts and radio shows, we want to make sure you get out what you put in. Free pizza, t-shirts, gear rental, and anything else you can think of are available to any student who stays involved!

And of course - students of all backgrounds, interests, genders, and music tastes are welcome. Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us.

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